Lawrence Yarrell, Building Chair

Bethel African Methodist Church
"T & W assigned a Building/Site Superintendent along with a site supervisor that was absolutely the epitome of quality control and good Christian leadership. They were sincere, honest and made sure that our concerns; questions and overall best interest were their top priority. They made sure that they addressed all of our questions; big or small were answered immediately. Concerns were dealt with professionally and were always addressed and mediated to our satisfaction."

Kraig Cox, Director of Strategic Relationships

Traders Point Christian High School
"We were very pleased to have an organization such as T & W to construct the facility that they did, but more importantly how they delivered our 33,000 square foot, $7.5 million project. T & W has become so much more than a builder in the life of Traders Point Christian Schools, as we look at you as a partner, as family and certainly as friends. Your unwavering support, and care for our ministry is and will continue to leave a lasting impact in the lives of God’s people. This letter is to not only provide thanks to T & W for their outstanding work, but to also provide the assurance to those that might consider choosing T & W for your next project. T & W is a company that not only will speak about what they will do, but they are a company that delivers on their promises!"

Douglas Thomas, Building Chairperson

Westside Community Church
"The support we received from Kurt Williams, Steve Shehorn, Jeff Servies and the T&W team allowed a group of dedicated yet inexperienced people to successfully vision, plan and complete our very large project to expand God's kingdom in Columbus. Not only are they consummate building professionals but spiritual, faithful and committed men of God, who shared our commitment. "



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