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1. Select a Delivery System

Choosing the way your project will be designed and built is often times a reflection of the building committee’s past experiences and tolerance to risk. The four delivery systems for you to consider are broken down in this useful guide.

2. Interview for the Right Fit

With so many design and build partners to select from, how do you decide who will serve you the best? Five simple, yet deep, questions will get you closer to ‘who’ the best fit is for you:

3. Understand the Fee Structures

Buying design and build services has never been an easy task. When firms present their fees in multiple ways (or conceal them), it is extremely difficult to discern who is providing the best value. Make sure your design and build partner clearly states their fees in an easy to understand way.

4. Understand the Process

Getting you from vision to reality is not an easy task. Doing it without a consistent, proven process will make the journey exponentially more difficult. Make sure your design and build partner follows an easy-to-understand process.